app that saves lives

The quickest and easiest way to monitor and help your loved ones in emergency situations. ElderOn notifies you if a person falls, wanders out of bed or presses the SOS button.


Free app

Connect your SOS devices and bed sensors to the app.


Fast and simple

You can monitor several elderly people.


Up to 10 emergency contacts

You can add up to 10 emergency contacts, in case you cannot always be reached yourself.


GPS location

You can always check the whereabouts of your loved one if you wish.


Receiving alarms and calls

Be informed as soon as necessary.

Take care

of your loved ones

Advanced support for the elderly and their families.


Simple and effective

Easy to use

Our SOS device is designed to be used by people of all ages. When you press the SOS button, or automatically in the event of a fall, a call is made to the emergency contact you set up in the mobile app. In the event that a call cannot be placed to the first emergency contact, calls continue in the sequence of emergency contacts entered until there is a response. The caregiver can check the urgency of the case via the phone and decide what action to take, as the device includes a microphone and a loudspeaker, which allows you to talk to the elderly person.



Durable and
waterproof housing

The SOS device is small, waterproof and non-intrusive, so the elderly person can use it throughout the day and during all tasks. It attaches to a lanyard that allows it to be worn around the neck, or you can choose to wear it on the wrist or attach it to a belt. The device comes with a charging station that allows for easy charging scheduled at night. A bed sensor provides additional safety at night when the device is charging.




The SOS device is able to detect a fall and automatically call an emergency contact. If you wish, you can also activate the GPS sensor on the device to track the exact location of the elderly person. You will also be informed if the device is switched off or if the GSM network is lost.


Our device


Fall detection

Automatic fall detection and call initiation

Making and receiving calls

Emergency contact call if the SOS button is pressed

GSM network

A built-in SIM card allows functioning even away from home

GPS sensor

Track the location of an individual

Easy charging

Includes a charging station for easy charging

Waterproof housing

Robust and waterproof housing for the use under all conditions

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