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The ElderOn system consists of 2 devices that make your employees’ work easier and provide better security for your residents. ElderOn makes it easy to upgrade your nurse call, improve staff response times and optimise night-time working.

Why choose our solution?

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Reduce the reaction time

By integrating ElderOn into your existing nurse call, you can reduce staff response time in the event of a resident wandering off and falling.

Save money

Do more with fewer staff and reduce the overall labour costs. Our system will ease your worries and ensure the safety of your residents.

Be more efficient

Our sensor informs you if a person falls and wanders out of bed. It also detects restlessness and records sleep.

Easy installation

Simply place the bed sensor for motion, presence and vital signs under the mattress and plug it into a socket.

Wi-Fi connection

Senzorji za povezavo uporabljajo vašo obstoječo WiFi povezavo. V primeru, da nimate WiFI povezave, se lahko senzor s kablom poveže direktno v vaš sestrski klic.

Adaptable and teachable

Our teachable system adapts to the user and informs you of potentially dangerous situations.


Enhance the safety of your residents

Our devices work by detecting potential dangers. When our algorithms detect a dangerous situation such as wandering out of bed at night, a change in routine, inactivity or just a deviation from the trend in the resident’s vital signs, ElderOn notifies the staff.


No false alarms

The data collected is processed by our advanced algorithms, which learn the habits of each individual resident. As residents vary, so do the algorithms that alert the staff. By tailoring to each individual, we reduce the number of false alarms.


Notifying staff of dangerous situations

Our system notifies staff if a person falls or wanders out of bed. It also informs of restlessness and changes in various vital functions.


  • Placement under the mattress
  • Occupancy detection
  • Notification
  • WiFi connection
  • Tailored to the individual needs
  • Works with all types of mattresses


  • SOS alarm
  • Fall detection
  • Robust casing
  • Reporting the GPS location
  • Making and receiving calls
  • Built-in SIM card

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