Protect your loved ones

Allow your parents to live independently at home, without major lifestyle changes. ElderOn notifies you if a person falls, wanders out of bed or presses the SOS button.


Fall detection

Automatic fall detection and caregiver notification via mobile app.


Bed occupancy

Be informed in case of a prolonged absence from bed during the night.


SOS button

Make and receive emergency calls.


GPS sensor

If you wish, you can track the location of the elderly person.

Get to know our devices

They enable elderly people to live safely, independently and comfortably in their own homes. In the event of a fall, wandering off or any other dangerous situation, ElderOn immediately notifies relatives or friends. ElderOn increases the safety and independence of elderly people so they can stay at home or with family longer.


  • SOS alarm
  • Fall detection
  • Robust casing
  • Reporting the GPS location
  • Making and receiving calls
  • Built-in SIM card


  • Placement under the mattress
  • Occupancy detection
  • Notification
  • WiFi connection
  • Tailored to the individual needs
  • Works with all types of mattresses

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